Fashion & Jewelry

St Patrick’s Day will soon be here! Look cool “wearing the green” with a fashionable scarf or a fun celebration pin.

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with a Shamrock Pin

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with a Gorgeous Green Scarf

Do you enjoy Halloween? Or costume parties? Look slinky with a cool cat costume or more “edgy” with an intriguing bat costume. Finish your look with some cool bat jewelry.

Slinky Black Cat and Stunning Bat Halloween Costumes

Bewitching Bat Jewelry and Beautiful Bats

Pashmina accessories, like scarves, wraps or shawls, are soft and warm, and make beautiful presents for birthdays or valentines day. They are fashionable and can be worn with dresses, skirts or trousers. For the adventurous, they can be tied in many different ways to suit the personality and style of the wearer.

Pashminas vary in fabric. Pure pashmina has an open weave and feels gauzy, so some people prefer a pashmina-silk blend. Adding silk to the fabricmeans that it is still soft and light, but increases the sheen. A popular pashmina-silk blend is 70% pashmina, with 30% silk blend – it has an elegant sheen and lovely drape. You can also get blends of 80% pashmina, 20% silk and a 50/50 blend.

Beautiful Patterned Pashmina Scarves and Wraps

Elegant Embroidered Pashmina Wraps, Scarves and Shawls

Elegant Silk Pashmina Scarves and Wraps

Beautiful Hand-painted Pashmina Wraps and Shawls

Elegant Pashmina Scarves and Wraps


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