Enhance your family celebration with Japanese Tea

Traditionally, the Japanese tea ceremony and the sharing of tea enhances a meal or finishes a festive gathering. The photo shows a tea ceremony at a Nichiren temple in Kamakura, Kanagawa.

Japanese green teas are processed in a different way to Chinese green teas. They are steamed, before being rolled and have a distinct grassy, delicate flavor.

For more information, have a look at this article on Japanese Tea and Tea Sets.

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How to make delicious Chai tea

Chai tea has a long history, and has been brewed for centuries in India. It is made with black (or green) tea, milk and sugar (or other sweeteners) and has a delicious spicy flavour.

Chai is loved by people around the world and is believed to have health benefits – increasing peace of mind, helping with weight loss, and may even have antibacterial action and anti-cancer effects.

For more information, have a look at this article on making delicious Chai tea.

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Brewing a Great Cup of Tea with a Tea Bag

Some people like to take time over brewing their tea, using the best tea leaves and the best equipment. Others prefer the quick and easy tea bag. But, you can have great cups of tea made using tea bags – here’s how.

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Smoked Teas and Tea-Smoking Recipes for Gourmets

Smoked teas, like Lapsang Souchong and Russian caravan teas are made from leaves dried in bamboo baskets, over pine fires. Lapsang Souchong originates from Fujian Province, China, and Taiwan. The maltier taste of Russian Caravan tea is due to the added Indian Assam leaves.

Traditionally, tea was carried on camel caravans from China to Moscow. The smoky campfires added to the aroma of the precious tea cargo.

Here’s a little article for you to experience smoked teas and smoking food with tea.

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Fantastic Flowering Teas

Flowering teas are both beautiful and refreshing. They have great flavour and aroma, and are rich in antioxidants. Flowering teas are the most exciting of Chinese teas. Little grey tea balls open up to produce a lovely flower when dropped in hot water.

Here’s a little article with more photos and video to allow you to experience flowering teas.

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World Savate Assaut Championships

Just back from 10 great days in Bulgaria!

For the first five days, I was in Sapareva Banya, next to the Rila mountains. About a dozen of us were staying in a small, village hotel. Most days it was over 30 degrees, so it was great to have a pool to cool off in. So, a bit of training, a bit of swimming, walks in the mountains… nice!

I was really in Bulgaria for the World Championships of Savate Assaut, which were held in Plovdiv from 30th August to 2nd September. A fun event, more than 30 countries represented and a great hotel (with five pools!!).

If you want to know more about Savate, I have an article on hubpages :
Savate Boxe Française

And for the latest news on Savate :
Savate News

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Stick-fighting, the French Way


Canne de Combat is a form of fencing with canes. The origins of the sport are ancient, going back to a time when gentlemen found they were not safe on the streets of Paris. Many took lessons in boxing and fencing as a form of self-defence. I have written a couple of articles on canne:

Canne de Combat

French Cane-fighting 101

I hope you have time to check them out. This classic photo is by Ollie Batts, and was taken in Cambridge, at our gym.

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