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Stick-fighting, the French Way

Canne de Combat is a form of fencing with canes. The origins of the sport are ancient, going back to a time when gentlemen found they were not safe on the streets of Paris. Many took lessons in boxing and … Continue reading

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Madagascar, off the tourist trail…

Madagascar is a large island (4th largest in the world) sitting in the Indian Ocean, surrounded by small peripheral islands. It broke away from Africa around 165 million years ago, and now is a beautiful, biodiversity treasure trove. I visited Madagascar as a … Continue reading

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Progression in the Martial Arts

I began training in martial arts and combat sports over twenty-five years ago. At first, I was interested in learning a few self-defence skills. I didn’t research at all, I just dived in and joined a club that my friend had … Continue reading

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Women in the Martial Arts

Training in martial arts can be a great way of boosting fitness and self-confidence. In recent years, a lot more women have taken up martial arts, this article was written to help women who are looking for a good place … Continue reading

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Karatas, Serbia

Last summer, I visited Karatas, On the banks of the Danube, in Serbia. This visit was to take part in a summer training camping Savate and Canne de Combat. I have written an article about this trip on Squidoo. http://savateuse.hubpages.com/hub/a-taste-of-summer-in-karatas

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